Continuous Delivery for Data Pipelines

Track: Cloud Slides

Continuously delivery is central to every software-driven organization. If you’re doing this today or you’d like to learn or extend the practice to “data-centric applications”, you will find this demo-driven talk supplementing your current methods and as well as provide useful context for future developments.

In this talk, we will review Spring Cloud Data Flow and Spring Cloud Skipper and how they come together to solve data integration and the continuous delivery challenges respectively. The day-to-day developer workflow including development, testing, CI, and the overall orchestration on cloud platforms (e.g., Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes) will be demonstrated.

Sabby Anandan

Sabby Anandan, Product Manager at Pivotal. Sabby is focused on building products that eliminate the barriers between application development, cloud, and big data. Sabby has a Bachelor’s in Electrical and Electronics from the University of Madras and a Master’s in Information Technology and Management from the Carnegie Mellon University.