Scaling Elasticsearch for big data processing and analytics

Track: Serverless / FaaS

This presentation will cover ElasticSearch general concepts, and the configuration and deployment of this fault-tolerant indexing and search system. The presentation will focus on real-world use-cases and optimization techniques in running high-performing ElasticSearch cluster on AWS. Some of the topics covered will focus on general cluster configuration, organizing data, retrieving data efficiently, avoiding failure and performance degradation in a running cluster. Real-world use cases will detail how Elasticsearch is typically leveraged along with Apache Spark in distributed environments to process large amounts of heterogeneous data.

Roy Russo

Roy Russo is the co-author of Elasticsearch in Action and Vice President of Engineering at Predikto, a predictive analytics company. Before joining Predikto, Roy was the Chief Architect at AltiSource Labs, a FinTech startup based in Atlanta, GA. Roy was the Co-Founder and VP of Product Management for Atlanta-based Marketing Automation vendor, LoopFuse; acquired by Atlanta-based SalesFusion, Inc. Roy also helped Co-Found JBoss Portal, a JSR-168 compliant enterprise Java Portal, and represented JBoss on the Java Content Repository, JSR-170.