riff is for functions

Track: Cloud

Riff is an open source polyglot function service built using Kubernetes primitives that allows developers to focus on writing simple and portable units of code. Its unique approach to reactive event streaming enables computations such as time windowing.

Attend this demo-driven session to learn about the internal architecture of riff and how the use of patterns such as the function sidecar and layered container images help minimize the surface area of code function developers need to care about.

Eric Bottard

Eric Bottard is a core committer on the riff project working at Pivotal.

Eric has been a speaker at various conferences and user groups, including SpringOne, MiXiT Lyon, Devoxx France and the Paris Spring UG.

Mark Fisher

Mark has been a member of the Spring team for over a decade, contributing to the Spring Framework and several other projects. He founded Spring Integration in 2007 and is one of the authors of Spring Integration in Action, published by Manning in 2012. He contributes to Spring Cloud Stream, Spring Cloud Data Flow and Spring Cloud Function and is currently focused on Serverless and Functions as a Service.