Instilling a Culture of Craftsmanship

Track: Agile
Abstract Recording

It’s only when your employees care about the quality of their work and when your organization rewards quality over speed that you’ll make a lasting impact. To improve the quality of your deliverables, a lasting solution is to instill a cultural change.

Ben Scott

Ben Scott earned a B. S. in Computer Science at Virginia Tech and started a career as a software developer. After being introduced to Scrum on a client project, he became an avid agilist and spearheaded his company’s transition from Waterfall to Scrum. Once the transition was complete he worked as a Scrum Master and managed several software projects to successful completion. He is now working as a consultant at Ippon Technologies as a Scrum Master and Agile Coach where he contributes to an open source project, teaches agile methods with a focus on developers.