How Lean is your Scrum?

Track: Agile
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Scrum has an often unjustified reputation among developers for being a heavyweight framework, with ceremonies designed to ultimately guide a product which can incur a lot of meeting time and commitment to maintenance of tickets, backlogs and requirements documents. Lean looks primarily at waste elimination and in a world that has found itself forced into a work from home culture, Scrum teams are now generating a lot of waste as they adapt their processes to be remote friendly. This is on top of any bad habits that formed around their flavor of Agile. With teams finding themselves experiencing meeting fatigue and drowning in process, the question needs to be asked, how Lean is your Scrum? Join me in this session where we look at the application of some Lean principles to Scrum and showcase the improvements at both a process and team happiness level that resulted from applying them in our remote Agile team.

Leigh Griffin

Engineering Manager at Red Hat. Occasional Scrum Coach and Agile change management advocate. Passionate Open Source supporter