Applying Agile Principles to Incident Management

Track: Agile
Abstract Recording

In this session Tobias Dunn-Krahn, CTO at xMatters, will discuss:

Best practices for developing and deploying reliable digital services faster

The effect of customer-impacting issues on the ability to build out new services and features

Incident management’s role in digital transformation success

The importance of automation in a new method for incident response and management – adaptive incident management – and its impact on delivering reliable customer experiences

Tobias Dunn-Krahn

Tobias Dunn-Krahn, Chief Technology Officer, xMatters

Tobias has more than 20 years of technology leadership experience, including 15 with xMatters. Tobias believes that people expect their digital services to deliver uninterrupted availability, responsive interactions and continuous product improvement. To meet their expectations, digital service providers must anticipate and avoid issues, and to otherwise quickly resolve them, so they can focus on innovation.