When Records Met Serialization: A Happy Tale

Track: Core Java
Abstract Recording

Records are a special type of class that will become final in Java 16. Their close coupling of immutable state and API makes them suitable for several use cases, one of them being serialization. This talk will introduce Records and the concept of serialization, before demonstrating how the properties of record classes can be leveraged to improve the security, maintainability and the overall efficiencies of serialization.

Chris Hegarty

Chris Hegarty is Networking Lead of the Java Platform Group at Oracle. His contributions to the platform include the Java 11 HTTP Client, the Stream Control Transport Protocol API, Windows Dual TCP/IP Stack support, and countless other enhancements in the core libraries . Chris was a key contributor on Project Jigsaw, including Incubator Modules and Encapsulating JDK Internals. He has worked on Java platforms since 2000, and currently leads the Networking group.

Julia Boes

Julia is an OpenJDK developer on Oracle’s Java Platform Group. She holds a Master’s degree in Linguistic and Computer Science. Her current work focuses on Record Serialization. Other passions are the outdoors, gardening and sports.