From Sledgehammer to Fine Brush for QA

Track: Practices and Other Tech
Abstract Recording

What is the best approach to testing? It depends. If you have limited resources, you have to be smart. There is value in applying a fine brush to your verification efforts, however sometimes applying this finesse is difficult and time-consuming. Are there times to apply the sledge hammer? How do you minimize your susceptibility to gaps and risk? This presentation takes lessons from some large QA efforts, including those from open-source projects such as AdoptOpenJDK, to help you think about QA for any project, and what guidelines you can use to have a vibrant verification strategy.

Shelley Lambert

Shelley Lambert is a Red Hatter and technical leader at Eclipse Adoptium (formerly AdoptOpenJDK). She serves on the Technical Steering Committee at Adoptium and as a committer at Eclipse OpenJ9 ensuring the smooth and verifiable delivery of many free open-source distributions of Java.