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Track: Tools and Techniques
Abstract Recording

In this talk we want to challenge the common narrative that workplace communication has fundamentally transformed and prove the underlying communication paradigm remain intact. We will deep dive into fundamentals, to demonstrate that you and your team can maintain and thrive in any workspace.Understanding the fundamentals of effective communication will diminish communication congestion, negate misunderstandings, and reduce the amount of time we spend just talking about doing stuff and start actually doing it!

Kelsey Williams

Kelsey is a consultant for Daugherty Buisness Solutions with over four years of experience in web application development, agile practices, cloud application lifecycle management, and integration using various SAP programs.

Najae Stevenson

Najae is an extroverted software engineer with experience in multiple languages including Java and JavaScript. When Najae isn’t saving the world using code, she spend her time promoting Diversity and Inclusion and actively generating fun interactive team build exercises within her team.