Buried in Technical Debt?

Track: Practices and Other Tech

Have you ever taken a shortcut to complete a task, assuring yourself that you would go back and clean it up and do it the right way later when you had the time? In software, this is called “technical debt,” and when it piles up, it can make code hard to read and maintain. Soon enough, the cost to fix these problems can become too high, and convincing your team to take action becomes increasingly difficult. In this talk, we will discuss the different types of technical debt, how to convince other people in the organization of the importance of making regular “minimum payments,” and some creative strategies to keep in mind for software projects with excessive “accrued interest.”

Chris Stone

Chris Stone is a full-stack software engineer with a passion for learning new patterns and languages, solving technical puzzles, and sharing with local software communities. He is a software engineer with experience in team leadership, and he is a proponent of mob programming and test-driven development.