To Production and Beyond: Observability for Modern Spring Applications

Track: Frameworks
You just deployed your application to prod. Congratulations! Is our mission accomplished and can we go home for the week even if it is just Tuesday? But before we pack up to go home, how will we know if we deployed a bug or if our last change caused a significant performance degradation? Also how can we know when network issues arise or if one of our dependencies goes down? In this forward-looking presentation, we will answer these questions by looking into application observability using distributed tracing, metrics, correlated logs, and exemplars. We will explore how the latest developments in Micrometer, Spring Framework 6, Spring Boot 3, Prometheus, OpenZipkin, and OpenTelemetry will give you a better understanding about what is going on inside of your applications. We will also discuss the future of Observability in Spring Boot and other methods of exploring your running application using Spring Boot Actuator, Spring Boot Admin and Spring HATEOAS along with related technologies like Eureka, Logbook and Swagger.
Jonatan Ivanov
Jonatan Ivanov is an enthusiastic Software Engineer, member of the Spring Engineering Team, maintainer of Micrometer, one of the leaders of the Seattle Java User Group, speaker, author, certified dragon trainer. He has hands-on experience in developing and shipping innovative, production-ready software for industry-leader companies. He likes Distributed Systems, Production, Open Source, Math, Linux, Cloud environments; he is passionate about the Java Ecosystem and the Java Community. He is an Open Source contributor, writes a "develotters"-focused blog (, sometimes can be found on Twitter(@jonatan_ivanov) and in the Seattle area.