Ben Evans


Ben Evans is an author, speaker, consultant & educator. His career highlights to date include: Co-founding jClarity, a startup that delivers performance tools & services to help development & ops teams; Chief Architect for Listed Derivatives at Deutsche Bank; Performance testing the Google IPO; building award-winning websites for some of Hollywood’s biggest hits of the 90s, developing some of the UK’s very first true e-commerce websites and building microsecond-level low-latency trading systems.

He helps to run the London Java Community, and represents the user community as a voting member on Java’s governing body - the JCP Executive Committee. He is a Java Champion & 3-time JavaOne Rock Star Speaker. Ben is author of 4 books - “The Well-Grounded Java Developer”, the 6th edition of “Java in a Nutshell”, “Java: The Legend” and the forthcoming “Optimizing Java”. He writes regularly for industry publications and is a frequent speaker at technical conferences worldwide.

Raiders of the Lost Bytecode

This talk guides intermediate to advanced developers through some of the detail of how JVM bytecode is structured and executed.

Basic features are covered, including:
* Constant Pool
* Stack-based interpretation
* Some details of classloading
* Reflection internals

The ASM library is introduced and used to rewrite JVM bytecode. The second half of the session is a set of “cookbook” techniques used for library authors and other power users, to demonstrate how ASM can be used in real world projects.