Daniel is a Software Engineer at Tomitribe. His love for Open Source and Java motivated him to become a committer to projects like DeltaSpike, Yougi, Lightweight EE, JBoss Aesh and Apache TomEE projects. Daniel enjoys speaking about about Apache TomEE and other Java related topics at conferences, JUGs and workshops

Apache TomEE from Dev to Ops

Apache TomEE is the Java EE distribution of Apache Tomcat. This live vJUG session goes beyond the basics and explores some fun features both TomEE-specific and JavaEE-portable for supercharging your application development, runtime and maintenance. Have a huge pile of DAOs? Use TomEEā€™s abstract bean concept. Need to configure your application for many different environments? CDI and portable-extensions to the rescue. Want to create secured microservice distributions without any fuss? Nothing beats the TomEE Maven Plugin. Looking for a way to get detailed stats from your code? Hello annotation-driven monitoring support. Ever wish you could make your own management API? Check out the portable SSH Connector.The perfect session for any TomEE or Java EE enthusiast looking for cool toys for both developer and operations bliss.