Per Minborg is a Palo Alto based developer and architect. He is a regular speaker at various conferences ie. JavaOne, jdays, JUGs and Meetups. Per has 15+ US patent applications and invention disclosures. He runs the blog “Minborg’s Java Pot” which has a million readers, is a JavaOne allumni, he is Java MVB at Dzone and co-author of “Modern Java”. He has several years of studies in computer science and computer security at PhD level.Today he is working on his third startup, serving as CTO at Speedment, focusing on in-memory databases, high-performance solutions, cloud technologies and concurrent programming for legacy systems.

How to Generate Customized Java 8 Code from your Database

Did you know that database classes, that require many lines of Java and SQL code, may be replaced with a single line of Java 8 code? In this tutorial session you will learn how to use standard Java 8 Streams as an alternative to traditional Object Relational Mappers (ORM). We will use the open-source tool Speedment to show how development speed can be increased and how the application code can be more concise and run faster.