Heather has held various jobs in the past, ranging from teaching elementary school to being a project manager and trainer for the Army’s medical research program.  She holds a Bachelors of Biology and a Masters in Curriculum Development.  Most recently she used her background in curriculum & teaching to head up the Training Program at php[architect], manage customer service and co-chair their conferences. Thanks to her varied background she is now the President of One for All Events LLC - a technology and beyond event services company. Heather is also a self-proclaimed geek, conference speaker and enjoys Sci-Fi, Medieval reenactment, and board games.

Smiling From the Wrists Down: Customer Service for Developers

As developers and consultants, much of your career is spent learning how to properly manage your relationship with managers and clients.  What happens when you take that next step, perhaps as part of starting your own business, and now need to manage customer relations instead?  How is this different from your previous roles and how can you deal with the difficult situations that will arise?  Come learn from first-hand experience what to expect, how to answer the question that is meant - not the one that is asked, and how to effectively communicate with your customers, while always smiling from the wrists down.