Aurelio Garcia-Ribeyro


Aurelio is the Principal Product Manager in charge of Java SE since 2010. He has been involved in all JDK 7, 8, and soon-to-be-released JDK 9. He is a frequent presenter at JavaOne San Francisco and JavaOne Latinamerica, with Java User Groups, and Oracle Customers in the Americas and Europe.

Aurelio joined Oracle in 2010 through the Sun Microsystems acquisition. He joined Sun in 2008.

Preparing for JDK 9 - AKA The Sharp Edges of JDK 9

Every major Java release introduces changes that could impact existing applications. In previous releases those changes were relatively few and most Java programs were unaffected. JDK 9 will bring large changes: from hiding internal APIs, to the removal of previously deprecated classes, and new default values. This major update is likely to affect most applications. You might need to update some of the libraries that you use or you might need to re-write parts of your code to run JDK 9. In this session we will provide an overview of the largest changes, how to find out if you are affected, and what to do about it.