I’m a technologist, engineer, and team leader driven by raw curiosity and creating value through the application of technology. I have nearly ten years of experience designing and writing custom software professionally, but I’ve been tinkering with and writing code since the early 1990s. I’m a polyglot developer specializing in Java and Scala. I’m currently a Lead Software Engineer at The Home Depot.

Building and Deploying 12 Factor Apps in Scala, Java, Ruby, and Node.js

We will build a RESTful web service backed by MongoDB in Scala, Java, Ruby, and Node.js and deploy each instance to CloudFoundry. We will go over how to build a cloud manifest, how to keep our database credentials and application configuration outside of our code by using user-provided services, and go over what it takes to build a 12 Factor application in the cloud. This presentation will be heavy on code and light on slides!