Derek is a senior technology expert with over 25 years of experiences in a wide variety of technologies and industries. Derek is currently focusing on microservice architectures, cloud computing, and refactoring unsupportable applications. Derek is currently Managing Partner at Break The Monolith. Derek’s books include the “The Java EE Architect’s Handbook” and “Microservices for Java EE Architects”.

Successful JavaEE DevOps In The Cloud

This “HandsOn” (yup, bring UR laptops) presentation will show you how to implement a full DevOps open-source stack using DevOps, Microservices, Spring Boot, Spring Security, JavaEE, Angular, React, OWASP, REST, ZUUL, SSO, Archaius, Redis, Swagger, Hystrix, Turbine, Graphite, DropWizard Metrics, Docker, Maven, Gradle and Eureka. Presentation covers benefits and drawbacks of successful DevOp’s Cloud Environments including maintainability, scalability, operation, and management. Presentation will compare and contrast various technology options benefits and drawbacks for Providers (Oracle, AWS, Azure); Containers (like Docker); programming frameworks, Tools (Chef, Puppet, OpWorks, Python, etc), patterns (Microservices, Circuit Breaker, Service Discovery, Fault Tolerant, etc); Database Choices; Communications Options (JMS, REST, SOAP). Presentation will also review DevOp’s Cloud development best practices, deployments, testing and management approaches. Presentation will present code and provide you a virtual machine ready to run (available for download 5 days before event at on how to properly architect and implement a scalable, proformant, highly reliable system (To avoid messing up the HandsOn environment code is locked/hidden till prezo and unlocked only during presentation)