Ian Philpot is a Software Engineer and Technology Evangelist with over fifteen years of experience in both development and systems engineering. At Microsoft, where he is currently employed, his focus is Azure Development. In addition to his work at Microsoft, Ian fills the role of Technology Advisor for Atlanta Tech Village, and FlatironCity which enables him to assist Startups and Entrepreneurs.

Ian is known for being a detail-oriented, capable team player, able to motivate and manage personnel to effectively and efficiently complete a job. These personality traits have facilitated his success across the board, in managing from simple deployment projects to the complete restructuring of multi-location enterprise domains.

He is an adept software developer and technologist. He’s worked on Emmy award winning projects and with customers around the globe. Cloud technologies are his focus and passion.

Although Ian has many certifications including CISSP, MCT and MCPD and a degree in Business Information Systems/Information Technology from Georgia Perimeter College, his interest and belief in the sanctity of Computer Security has led him to pursue a degree in Information Technology specializing in Security at the University of Massachusetts Lowell.

When he’s not behind a computer, Ian’s pleasure in the outdoors becomes quite evident. His interests include hiking, trail running and mountain biking.

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