Emil is a Palo Alto based Java developer heavily involved in the Open Source project Speedment. His new Java blog called Age of Java has attracted more than 100.000 followers in 6 months. Emil is a recurring speaker at events like JavaOne, JUGs, Meetups, GOTO Events and JForums. He is working at the Speedment headquartered in Silicon Valley as a software developer focusing on code generation and smart software design.

How to Generate Customized Java 8 Code from your Database

Did you know that database classes, that require many lines of Java and SQL code, may be replaced with a single line of Java 8 code? In this tutorial session you will learn how to use standard Java 8 Streams as an alternative to traditional Object Relational Mappers (ORM). We will use the open-source tool Speedment to show how development speed can be increased and how the application code can be more concise and run faster.