Bryson is a firm believer in IT as a Service – the concept where IT “gets out of the way” and openly arms every product developer with the tools they need to crank out an endless supply of innovations.

As a member of the Executive Committee and self-proclaimed weather geek, Bryson plays a key role in the overall business strategy for The Weather Company and as head of the technology group, Bryson oversees the strategic vision, technical direction, development, execution and operations of all technology initiatives, systems and platforms across all of the company’s four divisions – TV, Digital, Professional and International.

Mr. Koehler brings a passion for change and innovation by sitting at the strategy table for both business and technology groups within large and small enterprises. He believes that a culture of “Live vs. PreRecorded” is the best way for an enterprise to embrace the capabilities of technology and empower their businesses to innovate and outperform.