James is a Senior Web Engineer at Heroku with passion for both front end web engineering and entrepreneurship. At Heroku, James works on the Human Interface Team to develop and maintain the Heroku Dashboard while also implementing front end solutions and practices for other Heroku web properties.

James has been professionally developing in languages such as Ruby, Javascript, HTML, and CSS. His frameworks of choice are Rails and Ember. With a deep respect for craftsmanship, and a penchant for using code to solve problems, James actively explores new technology. Though professional development takes up most of his time, tinkering with anything code related from systems programming to game development is not out of the question. Armed with his interest in Ember, he created the Ember meet up group in Columbus and has been a proponent in the development community.

James also has a passion for music and skydiving. He passes free time by traveling and jumping out of planes.