Bruce Petro


Bruce has over 19 years experience in numerous types of software design and development experience. His focus in object oriented design and coding started with years of enterprise software experience in Smalltalk, which, of course, led into years of experience in Java applications and web projects. Current focus: Start with a more user-centered design, use agile process and always solve problems with an elegantly simple solution (which is almost never simple to do). Bruce is currently a Sr. Software Engineer at LexisNexis in Alpharetta where he is working on a number of projects. Bruce enjoys agile projects with RIA user interface designs as well as excellent OOD. In the last couple years, this has led to projects using Flex and GWT technologies.

We moved to the Atlanta area about two years ago and since we live in west Cobb area, we are still trying to figure out how to drive in Atlanta without losing our sanity.