Time to Good DX

Track: Agile

We often hear focus on the customer, but what do you do when you customers are your coworkers? Developers are the largest group of individual contributors in software teams. It’s about time Developer Experience (DX) got the focus it deserves! Devs are users, too! Wouldn’t it be great if your user needs were met?

Claire Moss

Agilist working as part of product development teams to support and accelerate development through fast feedback. I help teams to craft more executable user stories. Strong understanding of needs of product team competencies testing, programming, product ownership, and user experience. Testing teacher, unit and integration test review and advisement, exploratory testing coach. Test automator and exploratory tester. Meetup founder, conference organizer, speaker, workshop facilitator, author, podcaster, and blogger.

cheryl spruce

Senior Product Manager Cheryl has been with The Home Depot for 5 years. In her current role, she has responsibility for helping drive Product Management Adoption across the Enterprise Architecture, Data Platforms and Software Enablement spaces. Previously, Cheryl held roles as a Lead Software Developer, Project and Program Manager, Agile Transformation Change Agent and Agile Coach. Her passion is to help teams improve and gain knowledge and experience for growth.
When outside of work, Cheryl likes to play tennis at the competitive level and visit with my family in Oregon and New York.