MicroProfile Survival Guide in the Cloud

Track: Frameworks

Microprofile is a breath of fresh air in the Enterprise Java world. But is it fit to the Cloud? We believe it is! Come to this session and see how we can successfully develop/integrate/deploy a Microprofile application on top of the Azure cloud computing platform. We’ll cover it all: metrics, tracing, health checks, security, and deployment pipelines. Because Microprofile belongs in your code, but it needs to be leverage by many other services provided by your platform.

Edson Yanaga

Edson Yanaga, Red Hat’s Director of Developer Experience, is a Java Champion and a Microsoft MVP. He is also a published author and a frequent speaker at international conferences, discussing Java, Microservices, Cloud Computing, DevOps, and Software Craftsmanship.

Bruno Borges

Bruno is part of the Azure Cloud Developer Advocacy team at Microsoft and a long-time Java community member.