Where has my money gone? Transaction problems with Kubernetes and how to solve them.

Track: Cloud Technolgy

Most of the industry is working on modernizing existing applications. The end goal may be to develop microservices in the cloud, but usually the first step is to containerize the applications and run them in Kubernetes. This step brings its own challenges which need to be addressed otherwise your data may become inconsistent. This talk will discuss the issues running containerized mission critical applications in Kubernetes and how to resolve them. It will cover how to configure and test these applications so that data remains consistent by making sure the transactions can be recovered.


Monica Tamboli holds MS in Computer Science. Her focus has been developing JEE applications and testing Enterprise Security, transactions and dynamic caching with various IBM products. Those products include WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Liberty, Open Liberty, and IBM Cloud Private. She has over 20 years of software industry experience. She likes to volunteer for Technology and Engineering camps for kids. She is passionate about going green and reducing trash.