Micronaut and Alexa

Track: 2GM

The Amazon Echo is more than a home toy - you can have the real star trek experience in your home with hooks into home automation platforms, streaming music, news, help you cook, tell you jokes, etc. Now let’s use Micronaut to build Alexa Skills! I will go over how to make them in two ways, via Micronaut web app and via functions with AWS Lamba. You can use Groovy, Java or Kotlin for both of these approaches! I will bring one to demonstrate some fun things you can do with it. I’m sure if you don’t already have one you’ll be hacking away as soon as you get home.

Ryan Vanderwerf

Ryan Vanderwerf is a developer on the Grails and Micronaut team at Object Computing, Inc. Previously, he was chief systems and software architect and director of products at ReachForce, where he helped design and build a Grails, Groovy, and AWS Cloud SaaS solution for marketing data management, and lead architect at Developerprogram.com, where he built a SaaS solution that allows rapid deployment of developer program portals for all kinds of companies. He has helped maintain various Grails plugins, built Java- and Linux-based webcasting for events such as SXSW, and built telecom software and SaaS systems for the financial sector. Ryan is cochair of the Austin Groovy and Grails User Group in Austin, TX, and coauthor of Effective Gradle Implementation.