Micronaut For Single Page Apps

Track: 2GM

Single Page App (SPA) frameworks offer many benefits over traditional web apps which do all of their HTML generation on the server side. Popular SPA frameworks include Vue, React and Angular. Micronaut is very well suited for publishing REST APIs and is a terrific fit for implementing backend logic for SPAs. This session will explore and demonstrate using Micronaut as the backend for SPA apps including the following specifics:

  • Introduction To Micronaut
  • Micronaut With Vue, Angular or React
  • Static Asset Resolution
  • Using JWT For Securing SPA Front Ends With Micronaut
  • Building With Gradle, NPM and Webpack
  • Deployment Options
Zachary Klein

Zachary Klein is a Senior Software Engineer at OCI. He has been practicing web development since 2010 and frontend development since 2015. He’s a contributor to both the Grails and Micronaut frameworks, as well as an instructor in OCI’s training practice. Zachary’s home base is in St Louis, MO, along with his wife, Beth, and three children.