Architecture patterns for distributed, hybrid and global Apache Kafka deployments

Track: Architecture

Multi-cluster and cross-data center deployments of Apache Kafka have become the norm rather than an exception. This session gives an overview of several scenarios that may require multi-cluster solutions and discusses real-world examples with their specific requirements and trade-offs, including disaster recovery, aggregation for analytics, cloud migration, mission-critical stretched deployments and global Kafka.

Kai Waehner

Kai Waehner works as Technology Evangelist at Confluent. Kai’s main area of expertise lies within the fields of Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning / Deep Learning, Messaging, Integration, Microservices, Internet of Things, Stream Processing and Blockchain. He is regular speaker at international conferences such as JavaOne, O’Reilly Software Architecture or ApacheCon, writes articles for professional journals, and shares his experiences with new technologies on his blog ( Contact and references: [email protected] / @KaiWaehner /