Best Practices with Elasticsearch

Track: Frameworks

This talk will explore some of the differentiating and compelling features that Elasticsearch offers using real-world use-cases as examples. I will share best practices in the use of Elasticsearch in processing Big Data in ETL, centralized logging, and data visualization. I’ll also cover deploying and tuning Elasticsearch for high transaction volumes, fast query response times, fast inserts, and fault-tolerance.

Roy Russo

Roy Russo is the co-author of Elasticsearch in Action and CTO at Volantio. Before Volantio, Roy spent the last 4 years building a successful startup, Predikto, a big data predictive analytics company that was acquired by United Technologies in 2018. Roy has held senior positions at several successful startups in Atlanta, and even cofounded and led one to acquisition in 2008. Roy is the founder of - with over a million downloads, the most popular tool for managing and monitoring Elasticsearch clusters.