Vanilla.js: Modern 1st Party JavaScript

Track: Javascript

JavaScript has conquered the world by attaching itself to the browser to deliver front-end experiences over the web. Built in a few short weeks to simply glue objects in web pages, the latest versions support modern concepts like classes and challenge traditional notions of scope. Learn how far JavaScript has come by reviewing the latest language features and seeing just what is possible to build with pure “vanilla” JavaScript. No frameworks, just code.

Jeremy Likness

Jeremy Likness is an internationally-selling author, keynote speaker and professional coder with a personal mission to empower developers to be their best. He has worked on commercial enterprise software for 25 years and specializes in web technology. Jeremy is a cloud advocate for Microsoft and lives with his wife, parrot, and German Shepherd near Seattle, WA. In his free time he enjoys running, hiking, and shooting 9-ball and one pocket.