It’s Easy! Contributing to Open Source

Track: Practices and Other Tech

The problem developers new to open source have is joining the community, starting to contribute, and using common open source tools. In this session, attendees will learn how to contribute and become valuable a part of any open source community. Attendees will learn soft and hard skills based on two case studies: Eclipse MicroProfile and Apache TomEE projects. Attendees will learn to access the culture of open source projects, expected behavior and attitude toward new contributors; how to start small, take risks, ask lots of questions; and how to get started with common open source tools like Maven, Git, and JIRA. Students will leave this workshop the soft skills and the hard skills required to make meaningful contributions.

Cesar Hernandez

César Hernández is a Senior Software Engineer at Tomitribe with experience in Enterprise Java Applications. He is a Java Champion, Duke’s Choice Award winner, Eclipse Committer for Jakarta EE and Microprofile contributor, Open Source advocate, teacher and public speaker. When César is away from a computer, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling and playing music with the Java Community Band, The Null Pointers. Follow Cesar on