Ethical hacking - The Culture for the Curious

Track: Security

In today’s tech-driven world, we are more vulnerable to hacking than you could imagine. It is important we are equipped with at least some knowledge of what we are up against.

Forewarned is pre-armed so will take you guys though very common web vulnerabilities, that you wouldn’t have even was that simple and that possible. Will be giving a getting-to-know Ethical Hacking session. Which all could help you identify and secure against potential security threats. Skills required for EH to the Tools available. The process and phases of hacking. And some action.

Jayashree S Kumar

Staff Software Engineer at IBM’s India Software Labs IBM Java Classes Library developer with Runtimes team at IBM Software Labs and current efforts are focused on fixing customer reported issues and security gaps on IBM Java Runtimes. In a career spanning over 8 years, extensively worked on IBM JDK’s Testing - Performance, Compliance and System verification, A Tester by the heart through and through. Likes to write up disclosures and know-how. In free time likes to browse when not running behind her toddler.