Quarkus: Becoming Supersonic

Track: Frameworks

This session will introduce the attendee to Quarkus through developing an application that connects to a database and covers how reactive and imperative programming can co-exist.

Ken Finnigan

Ken works for Red Hat as an engineer and author focused on bringing developer joy to creating Microservices with Enterprise Java in the Cloud through Quarkus and Eclipse MicroProfile.

Justin Lee

Justin Lee is Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat, a Java Champion, and has been programming in Java since 1996. He has worked on virtually every level of the application stack from database drivers all the way to application servers and front end interfaces. A long time advocate of Java, he has spoken at conferences and user groups all across the US and Europe. He is an active open source community member contributing when and where he can. He can be found on twitter and github as @evanchooly.