Evolving Java: Project Amber

Track: Core Java

In this presentation we will talk about the project Amber and how it is evolving the Java language. We will cover several subprojects within Amber: local variable type inference, records, sealed types and pattern matching.

Vicente Romero

Vicente has been hacking the javac compiler for almost 7 years. The most stressful and pleasant 7 years of his career. He has been touching, and introducing bugs as a side-effect in, mostly all areas of the compiler since he had the opportunity to convert his passion for compilers and programming languages into a real job. With a weird taste for complex problems he has a love-hate relation with type inference and performance related problems. He has been very lucky to be able to help with projects of all sizes from lambda to Amber. In other lives he was a University professor, research consultant and most of all a programmer. Apart from 1’s and 0’s he loves Math, languages, history, chess, some traveling and cooking.