Oracle JDK vs Oracle OpenJDK: An Open Conversastion

Track: Java Platform

Starting with Java 11, Oracle now produces two Java SE releases, Oracle JDK and Oracle OpenJDK. Both offer specific value, depending on your needs. Come to this lightening talk to hear about the positioning of each release and, more importantly, share your input on which release you use, why you use it, and what you’d like to see in the future.


As one of the most pervasively used technologies in our lifetime Java continues to innovate the application world around us. Through continued modernization Java offers developers a contemporary language and platform to create the next generation of rich, scalable, and secure enterprise applications. And as the technology landscape changes around us, often times at an ever-more increasing pace, Java is primed to offer developers continued uniqueness to address new-found opportunities. This session will highlight the Java platform rapid release cadence, OpenJDK and Oracle JDK licensing enhancements, review of JDK 11, a preview of JDK 12 and ongoing technology improvements that allow developers the ability to improve and accelerate application innovation, development and deployment.