Fantastic Buildpacks and Where to Find Them

Track: Cloud Infrastructure

Adventure awaits you as we journey through the buildpack ecosystem. We’ll discuss how to find buildpacks in the wild and examine their different habitats, including Google, Heroku, and Cloud Foundry. In this talk, you’ll learn how to run buildpacks and where to find production ready buildpacks that are perfect for your app.

Joe Kutner

Joe is the Java Languages Owner at Heroku. He was named a JavaOne Rock Star in 2016, and authored Deploying with JRuby.

James Ward

James Ward is a nerd / software developer who shares what he learns with others though presentations, blogs, demos, and code. After over two decades of professional programming, he is now a self-proclaimed Typed Pure Functional Programming zealot but often compromises on his ideals to just get stuff done. After spending too many sleepless nights in data centers repairing RAID arrays, he now prefers higher-level cloud abstractions with appropriate escape hatches. James is a huge Open Source proponent, hoping to never get burned by lock-in again.