Open Development When You're Not In Charge

Track: Practices and Other Tech

The Apache Software Foundation has a 20 year history of building resilient and sustainable communities of software developers through the Apache Way. While some companies are adopting Inner sourcing, other companies still have a taboo surrounding open source culture. Many of us work at these open source agnostic companies and don’t have manager in our title. Are those of us in those companies doomed to a life of Dilbert? You don’t have to be! This talk is all about how to bring a little Apache culture to your Apache oblivious team. This talk will cover how a little Apache Way goes a long way solving common team problems with knowledge sharing, technical/personal disputes, mentorship, and shipping software. So even though you’re the only one on your team that “gets” Apache, everyone can share in the rewards of being a part of an effective team.

Bob Paulin

Bob Paulin is an independent consultant and speaker that has been developing open source software for the past 10 years. Bob has presented at large international conferences such as ApacheCon, Oracle Code One and Devnexus. He frequently shares his knowledge and opinions on the Java Pub House and Java Off Heap podcasts. Bob is actively involved in the Chicago developer community as a Chicago Java User Group Board Member. Bob is a passionate member of the ASF and donates his time to Apache Felix and Apache Tika as a committer and PMC respectively. When not coding, Bob enjoys coaching football, robotics, and spending time with his wife and 4 kids.