Cookies, Mapping, & Complexity

Track: Agile

Baking cookies at home is simple enough. Sharing them with friends or family outside of our homes is slightly more complicated. Shipping hundreds of cookies around the world to strangers that filled out a survey on the internet is at least complex and tends towards the chaotic. This talk is a review of the lessons we learned about the theory of constraints, complexity science, mapping, devOps, and trusting each other after we received an overwhelming response to a configuration management survey I launched at Puppet Conf 2014.

Chris Corriere

Chris Corriere has been working with data, phones, networks and writing software for twenty years. His background in mathematics and engineering have allowed him to adapt to new and industry specific technologies and provided many unique consulting opportunities. As a devOps professional Chris is committed to culture, automation, learning, sharing, and having a good time while getting work done.