Java on Kubernetes 101


In this hands-on workshop, we will learn the basics of Kubernetes. We will explore the command line kubectl, setup and configure a Java application, then deploy into a Kubernetes cluster. All of this will be done in an online environment with a integrated code editor and terminal, so you will not need to setup anything on your computer. We’ll start with a brief introduction to microservices and Kubernetes, then dive into hands-on exercises to get you up to speed quickly.

Marek Sadowski

Marek Sadowski is a full stack developer advocate, a published author, a robotics startup founder, and an entrepreneur. He has about 20 year experience in consulting largest enterprises in USA, Europe, Japan, Middle East and Africa as a senior engineer and an IT architect in mobile, web, cloud native, server-side and integration technologies. In 2020 he co-authored and published a book on Serverless Swift by Apress. As a graduate from the International Space University Marek pioneered in a research on VR goggles for the virtual reality system to control robots on Mars in NASA Ames. He founded a startup to deliver robotics solutions and services for space, military, and industrial sectors. Marek moved to Silicon Valley to promote Edge and robotics solutions driven by mobile, AI and Cloud.