5 Things I Learned While Modeling Data in MongoDB

Track: Practices and Other Tech

Ever find yourself struggling to apply data modeling best practices to your projects? I do.

I recently worked with two teammates to rapidly build an app. We did our best to model our data, but we didn’t get it all right the first time.

In this session, I’ll share five things I learned while modeling data for this app. You’ll leave with practical data modeling tips you can apply to your next project that uses a document database like MongoDB.

Lauren Schaefer

Lauren Hayward Schaefer is a developer advocate for MongoDB. She began her career as a software engineer for IBM where she held a variety of roles including full-stack developer, test automation specialist, social media lead, and growth hacking engineer. She is an international speaker who is skilled in taking hard-to-understand topics and making them seem simple. Lauren holds a BS and MS in Computer Science from North Carolina State University and is the co-inventor of fourteen issued United States patents.