Do You Want to Save $50,000 Per Developer Per Year?

Track: Agile

A typical development team spends 30% to 40% of its time fixing bugs; multiple examples at multiple companies demonstrate that Specification by Example/BDD can reduce that to 1% to 2%. If an average developer costs $150,000 per year (salary plus benefits), that is a savings of $50K per developer per year – not to mention the value of delivering code faster with fewer bugs. How much of that do you want?

Leslie Brooks

In his constant drive to test better, faster, and cheaper tomorrow than today, Leslie was an early adopter of Specification by Example/BDD, and has used it to transform three different organizations. He has trained more than 300 Business Analysts, Developers, and Testers in the correct use of SBE, including using it to deliver automated tests while the developers are still writing the code.