Hybrid Scrum: location may vary

Track: Agile

As a part time ScrumMaster on a team with over 200 sprints distributed across multiple onsite and working from home locations, I encountered and observed many good practices and anti-patterns for engaging the whole team. Hopefully most teams have mastered fully remote teams by now. However, as office buildings reopen after COVID, many teams are just getting started with having some, but not all, people together. Join me in this session to get some tips and practices to avoid.

Jeanne Boyarsky

Jeanne Boyarsky is a Java Champion and published author. She wrote wrote Sybex’s hugely popular Java 8 and Java 11 certification books. She is a Java developer with 17 years experience and volunteers with a FIRST robotics team.  In 2018, she spoke at DevNexus, Oracle Code One and QCon.  Jeanne is a Distinguished Toastmaster which involves giving over 50 public speeches. For more on Jeanne’s professional experience:, see http:/jeanne.boyarsky.com