Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Highlights

Track: Frameworks

Learn important features for development of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications through a number of examples in action, using a hands on approach. This presentation will showcase a number of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile Specifications which have had more recent changes. The examples will demonstrate a variety of features from Jakarta Server Faces to Jakarta Persistence to MicroProfile Config and MicroProfile Fault Tolerance. These examples will be run in production-like projects that can be used to construct and run microservices that work together using Payara Micro and Docker.

Attendees will walk away with a solid understanding of some of the most important features of Jakarta EE and MicroProfile and how they perfectly fit in microservices development.

Edwin Derks

Edwin Derks is a Java Champion and Principal Consultant with Rockstars IT. He has a passion for gathering and sharing knowledge about anything related to the Java ecosystem and cloud-driven development in general. He is a contributor for MicroProfile and Jakarta EE, and often hosts meetups, writes articles, blogs and speaks at conferences. In his spare time, he can often be found in the gym or having a good time at metal concerts.