The hidden gems of distributed tracing

Track: Cloud Technology

When building distributed systems, we aim to get a macro view and be able to zoom in when a particular component seems to be at fault for a failure. Luckily, distributed tracing captures the detailed execution of causally-related activities performed by the elements of a distributed system as it processes a given request.

If you wonder how different the execution of the requests from the system’s expected behavior was, join my session to learn how to recognize trace patterns, determine the bottlenecks when a request is too slow, and deal with oversampling or traffic labeling in production.

Ana Maria Mihalceanu

Ana is a Java Champion, Developer Advocate, co-founder of Bucharest Software Craftsmanship Community, and a constant adopter of challenging technical scenarios involving Java-based frameworks and multiple cloud providers. She is an active supporter of technical communities’ growth through knowledge sharing and enjoys curating content for conferences as a program committee member.