Batch Processing in Action

Track: Frameworks

In the enterprise world, we need to deal with a large amount of data that comes from multiple sources, and there’s a considerable amount of effort to read, process, and distribute it. As the number of records increases, plain Java may not be the best solution. With many out-of-the-box solutions such as transaction management, retry, chunk processing, and several templates, Spring Batch is a lightweight framework to help you in these tasks.

This talk will dig into Spring Batch, discuss its architecture and templates, and live code examples to demonstrate its power.

Hillmer Chona

Java Champion, Lead Software Engineer, Medellín JUG Leader, Duke’s Choice Award Winner, focusing on software development with Java and Cloud Technologies

Rodrigo Graciano

NYJavaSIG JUG leader, tech enthusiast, and principal software engineer in NYC. Every week you can find suggestions of articles related to the JVM ecosystem at