Typescript for the busy Java developer

Track: Web and Front-end

Even if you haven’t used Javascript, you have probably heard scary stories about an inconsistent language, with no type system, that is used by almost every single modern web application that runs in your browser. What if I tell you that it is also used for backend services! Oh, the horror! As a Java backend developer, that idea gives me the chills. Typescript to the rescue! Typescript is a modern language developed by Microsoft that’s built on top of Javascript, adding additional syntax, tooling and most importantly, a type system! This talk provides an introduction to the language, we’ll explore some similarities and differences with Java through code examples!

Orlando Valdez

Orlando has been solving (and creating) problems with the help of technology for more than 15 years. He currently works at Credit Karma, co-leads the Charlotte JUG, occasional speaker, husband and father, retro gamer and in a constant learning state.