Scully: The Angular Jamstack Is Out There

Track: Javascript

Angular is a powerful web application framework, but it can sometimes be more powerful than what we really need, creating deployment files that are very large and take significant time for users to render. When performance is a key consideration, it might be time to consider making a Jamstack static site. Scully is a static site generator that works with Angular to pre-render content and deliver fast and secure websites while still able to connect to APIs to render dynamic content as needed. In this talk, we explain what it means for a site to be a Jamstack site and how Scully works to fulfill those needs. We will cover some definitions and edit an actual Angular project to demonstrate the steps to best get started with Scully.

Chris Stone

Chris Stone is a full-stack software engineer with a passion for learning new patterns and languages, solving technical puzzles, and sharing with local software communities. He is a software engineer with experience in team leadership, and he is a proponent of mob programming and test-driven development.