Clean Application Development with Records, Sealed Classes and Pattern Matching

Track: Core Java

The release of the JDK 17 brings interesting features in the Java language: sealed types and pattern matching for switch (as a preview feature). Along with the introduction of records, the implementation of pattern matching in the Java language begins to take shape. The JDK 18 brings even more with Record pattern matching (as a preview feature). In this presentation we show you how leveraging these features can bring very clean solutions to improve the modularity of your application. You will see on real patterns how pattern matching can change the way you write Java code. You will also see what we can expect on this topic in the future. It is mostly a live coding presentation, with some slides when the code shown cannot be executed.

José Paumard

José works as Java Developer Advocate at Oracle. PhD in applied maths and computer science, assistant professor at the University Sorbonne Paris Nord for 25 years, he is a Java Champion Alumni and JavaOne Rockstar. He is a member of the french Paris Java User Group, has been a co-organizer of the conference Devoxx France, and is a disorganizer of JChateau, an unconference held in the Chateau of the Loire Valley. He works on the documentation and community website, publishes the JEP Café, a monthly video cast on YouTube, and maintains a french YouTube channel with more than 80 hours of Java courses. He is also a Pluralsight author in the Java space.