Make IntelliJ IDEA your own

Track: Core Java

As developers, we love our tools and productivity! Even though we spend a significant amount of our time in our IDE, we are frequently distracted by information outside of our IDE (the Internet, ticket tracking tools, CI/CD frameworks, internal libraries, the list goes on…). Not only is this distracting, but the constant context switching also impedes our productivity.

In this talk, we will see just how to solve the above problems with the help of the IntelliJ platform. This platform allows us to develop custom IntelliJ plugins that uniquely suit our needs and workflows. As a bonus, whether you are working for an organization or yourself, you can share these plugins and their benefits with your working group and developer community.

In this presentation, we will explore the different types of problems you can solve by building an IntelliJ plugin. We will also dive into the process of developing plugins and demo a few custom plugins.

After attending this session, you will find new and creative ways to integrate your IDE with the outside world, so you can be the productive developer you have always aspired to be.

Sirisha Pratha

Sirisha Pratha is a Sr. Specialist Developer with over 10 years of Java programming experience. She is currently working as a Vice President at the Bank of New York Mellon. She is a committer at Eclipse Collections, an open-source Java Collections framework. Sirisha also co-leads the Pittsburgh Java User Group. She loves blogging, presenting on Java topics, and loves participating in Open Source.